Terms and Conditions

  1. We shall not be liable for late or non-delivery of goods owing to fires, lockouts, strikes, accidents or other causes beyond our control. Dates of shipment herein acknowledged are estimated and not guaranteed.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice. All shipments will be invoiced at prices confirmed on our confirmation. Surcharges are invoiced at the amount priced within the month of shipment, unless otherwise noted in our confirmation. All prices are net and without further discount, rebate or reduction, unless otherwise noted and confirmed within our confirmation.
  3. Clerical errors are subject to correction.
  4. All orders accepted contingent upon credit approval. If credit is not maintained, the seller reserves the right to
    withhold shipments, remove from the production schedule and or cancel this order.
  5. Net payment 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise specified.
  6. All material made by us is inspected before shipment. Should any material furnished by us prove defective or not
    as ordered, we will, if notified within thirty days after its receipt, replace same, but we are not liable for expenses, damages or loss of profits incurred in using such material. In case any shipment of material proves defective or unsuitable, the buyer will immediately discontinue its use and at once advise us in writing, sending samples, etc. RETURN OF GOODS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNLESS WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY AUTHORIZED RETURN.
  7. All prices of wire, unless otherwise stipulated, are based on furnishing wire on reels/stems, spools or in drums.
  8. Spools, Reels, Drums, Dividers or Pallets will be charged for when shipped, when agreed upon and noted in
    quotation. Credit will be allowed at prices charged when RETURNED PREPAID WITHIN SIX MONTHS in GOOD CONDITION, unless otherwise noted. Spools should always be returned in their original packing cases. Each reel or original package must be tagged with the name of the Company returning the reel.
  9. All orders are subject to a variation of ten percent from quantity specified.
  10. Shipping terms F.O.B. Precision Wire Technologies Plant, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  11. We reserve the right to make an additional charge on small orders to cover cost of Set-up and to charge a minimum for a single order.
  12. Contracts and orders cannot be cancelled without our consent. If shipment of material is delayed at request of buyer, invoices will be rendered as of the scheduled date of shipment. Raw material commitments to our vendors that cannot be delayed or cancelled will be our customer’s responsibility.

  13. In addition to the price, the buyer will pay to us all sales or use taxes paid on the sale of the material and any processing or other tax on raw material or manufactured product for which we may be liable under Federal and or State Law.
  14. Delivery of all or any part of the order is contingent on our ability to obtain supplies and raw materials, and is further limited to the extent that our ability to deliver may be affected by requirements or regulations of any agency of the United States or by our acceptance of Government contracts.
  15. Orders shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Indiana.