When Do You Use Resistance Wire

May 14, 2018

Resistance wire is a special category of electrical wire used to control the flow of electricity. This type of wire has high resistivity – which makes it better for short wire to convert electrical energy into heat. So, for example, when using resistance wire in a heating element for applications, such as a blow dryer, […]

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Alloy Of The Week: Nickel Chrome 650

August 18, 2016

     Nickel Chrome 650 One of the most versatile alloys, Nickel Chrome 650 makes it’s name working within the resistance industry. Anywhere electric heating is found, you will find some sort of nichrome wire, and it is usually this particular alloy. When heated, nichrome develops an outer layer of chromium oxide which allows the wire […]

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Alloy of the Week: Nickel Iron 52

July 27, 2016

     Nickel Iron 52: Glass Sealing As we know, wire is used in almost every industry, yet the applications for the material always change. This week, we will discuss alloy 52, a nickel iron material that finds it’s niche within the electrical applications. Nickel Iron 52 is a soft magnetic alloy that is perfect for use […]

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