Fine Wire Drawing

Fine and ultra-fine wire drawing has been the specialty of Precision Wire Technologies for nearly 30 years. Our capabilities range from .0011 (49 GA) to .102 (10 GA) in diameter across a wide variety of alloys. We supply round, flat, and some shaped wire allowing us to meet the demands of nearly any wire-drawing project.

At PWT, we pay close attention to providing consistently bright and smooth finishes and exacting specifications. Our experienced team and time in the market provides short lead times and consistent quality, regardless of the alloy being drawn. It is our goal to exceed your expectations for delivery and quality by maintaining an efficient and flexible operation so you get what you want when you want it.

Our precise drawing and annealing process means our wire meets and exceeds tolerances in large and small runs. Maintaining strict size, temper, and packaging tolerances is not a problem for our team. And being a ISO 9001:2015 supplier we can reproduce the exact wire we’ve drawn for you time and time again.


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