Alloy of the Week: Nickel Iron 52

July 27, 2016

    817FGl5ziXL Nickel Iron 52: Glass Sealing

As we know, wire is used in almost every industry, yet the applications for the material always change. This week, we will discuss alloy 52, a nickel iron material that finds it’s niche within the electrical applications. Nickel Iron 52 is a soft magnetic alloy that is perfect for use in electronics.

Containing an extremely high and consistent surface quality, high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, and low content of metallurgical imperfections, Nickel Iron 52 is ideal for it’s most common application: glass-to-metal seals. Glass-to-metal seals are an extremely important element of the construction of electronic components. The alloy used to create this seal must be capable of reacting with the glass to form a completely sealed bond. The alloy Nickel Iron 52 has the exact properties needed to manufacture this tight of a seal.

Below you will find the specific metallurgical properties of this alloy.

ASTM: F30 • Din: 17745 • UNS: N14052 • Ω/cir. mil. .: 258 • Weight/Density: .296 lbs/in^2 (8.2 g/cm3) •

• Chemical Composition %: Ni 50.5%, Mn .60% max, Si .30% max, C .005% max, Cr .25% max, Co .10% max, P .025% max, S .025% max, Fe – Balance

• Coeff. of Lin. Expansion, X 10-6: 10.0 (30-400˚C) • Temp. Coeff. of Resistance: .0035

• Conductvity: 13 w/mK • Specific Heat: .114 cal./gm @ 20˚C • Specific Gravity: 8.25 • Melting Point: ~1,430˚C (~2,606˚F) •

• Elongation: 20-40% • Max Operating Temp: ~600˚C (~2,606˚F) • Yield Point: 36,000-43,000 PSI • Soft Tensile: 70,000-90,000 PSI

As stated above, this alloy is most effective when used within the electrical industry, and especially in glass sealing. This material is found in the manufacturing of vacuum tubes, light bulbs, semiconductors, reed switches, among many more. A few of the characteristics specific to this alloy are:

  • Reliability and Consistency Over a Long Life-Span
  • Thermal Expansion Compatibility for Glass-to-Metal Sealing
  • Low Dispersion = Used for High Frequency Relays

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