PWT at the WAI Operations Summit and Wire Expo

June 3, 2016

Precision Wire Technologies is branching out! Through the days of June 7 – 9th three representatives from our company will be attending the WAI Operations Summit and Wire Expo in Connecticut. Our own Jerome Williams (Sales and Marketing Manager), Lisa Jones (Office Manager), and Pat Jones (Production Manager) will be patrolling the floors of the Mohegan Sun experiencing all the Expo has to offer. This wire expo will have the “normal” expo standards such as the exhibition booths and representatives from companies around the globe explaining their particular products, but this expo offers so much more than that. Included will be interactive production solutions demonstrations and informative panel discussions from multiple industry experts. By looking here¬†you can find all of the different options offered to the attendees.

So Precision Wire Technologies will be at the WAI Wire Expo, so what? There are a few different reasons we feel we should attend an event like this: Networking, Knowledge, and New Technology. Precision Wire Technologies wants to get to know you. We want to get to know anyone who buys wire, even if does not mean acquiring a P.O. at first contact. Building relationships, and learning about how and why certain companies are buying wire not only helps us by finding potential sales paths, but helps our current and potential customers because our understanding of the market continues to grow and evolve. Obviously this networking brings us two our second point: building knowledge base. Through this networking, combined with the interactive exhibits at the wire expo, we will strengthen our knowledge of what is happening within our industry and what is on the horizon. As we amplify our knowledge of our industry, we then want to use that to research new technologies or techniques within this space. As we continue to grow as a company under new owner David Faust, we want to implement any processes or industry standards that prepare us for future business.

Hopefully, during this trip we find some of you, and begin to cultivate a relationship. Speaking with the employees that will represent us at the wire expo, I can tell you that they are more than excited. PWT is at a time where we want to create and grow relationships with enterprising companies, and there is no better way to begin this relationship¬†than with a handshake and ‘hello’.