Precision Wire Technologies Sharpens Focus Working with Butler Consulting

May 18, 2016

Here at Precision Wire Technologies, we have made it a priority to provide our customers with a quality product from quality people. So what is the best way to provide a customer with a quality product tailored just for them? Knowledge of that customer. The more knowledge we obtain about a client, the better our ability will be to supply that client with the product they are looking for. Whether it be finding new ways to communicate with customers, updated payment paths, or plainly providing customers simplified explanations of our products, we are constantly on a search to improve relationships with current clients and find new, beneficial partnerships. Therefore, Precision Wire Technologies has partnered up with Butler University’s Business Consulting Group in order to build our knowledge base of our market and clients.

The Butler Business Consulting Group is a team of experienced business professionals that offer support to companies in the way of market research, consulting, and growth strategies. Having collaborated with organizations in over 19 countries, Butler is experienced in formulating marketing plans in various industries ranging from manufacturing to finance to healthcare. With the diversity of Butler’s portfolio, it is extremely important that their team is comprised through diversity. The combination of experienced professionals, knowledgeable university staff, and eager students creates a team that is innovative and productive.

This partnership between PWT and Butler, which began in April, has already begun to improve ourselves, as well as our understanding of our clients. Ginger Lippert (Senior Consultant), has been instrumental at helping our team look not only at what we can improve within PWT, but how these improvements will benefit our clients. Priding ourselves on customer service and being proactive, we want to avoid complacency and continue to advance our reputation in the wire manufacturing space.