Precision Wire Technologies, Dedicated to Strengthening our Community

May 23, 2016

As Precision Wire Technologies continues to grow under new leadership, we have found our passion not only in manufacturing and supplying a quality product, but found a thirst for improving the community around us. Our belief is that if it is possible to use our resources to enhance the quality of life for those around us then we should do our best to participate in that. By connecting with the individuals of Fort Wayne on a more personal level we accomplish a few different things. We see a social and ethical improvement within our city. We find ourselves enhancing the future of our city by educating youths in areas of social, financial, and personal responsibility. Finally, we hopefully inspire others to give time or effort to organizations they care about that will advance the development of Fort Wayne.

One organization that PWT is becoming more and more involved with is the City Life Center.  A part of the Youth For Christ network, City Life Center is a community for young adults to participate in a welcoming, informative setting. City Life promotes everything from health education to financial literacy, to basic moral and ethical responsibility. Open after school until 7:30 p.m. during the school year, up to 150 high school students grace the center looking for guidance and leadership. These high school students, though finding themselves in the same building, are all there for their own specific reasons.

Some of these students are just looking to play a pickup basketball game with friends, whereas others are making sure they get a hot meal for dinner. Chip Clark, the Ministry Director at the City Life Center, recently gave many of our employees of the center describing the mission of the center. Chip explains that although they enjoy being a safe haven for young adults who need somewhere to go after school, they need to be more than that. As Chip says, “From Here, Lead Here.” Chip’s mission is to cultivate individuals who have a vested interest in improving not only their city, but their immediate neighborhood. This is why Precision Wire Technology is providing our employees with opportunities to become involved with this organization. We know if we can build responsible indigenous leaders, the chain reaction within the city will be tremendous.