Precision Wire Technologies Growing With The Help Of Local University

July 14, 2016

Over the past six months, David Faust (CEO), has encouraged Precision Wire Technologies and it’s employees to help grow the community, and improve life within Fort Wayne. This includes working in conjunction with City Life as well as Habitat For Humanity. Obviously, these organizations are vital in improving the social aspects of local society, but what could be done to help support the business portion? They, of course, explored their options of partnering with IPFW.

Within a year of Faust taking control of PWT, the first internship program was launched at the company, working through IPFW (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne).  Contact was made between PWT and IPFW, both expressing interest in one another. The benefits that could be offered to the university, Precision Wire Technologies, and especially the student were overwhelming and impossible to ignore. IPFW would benefit from offering it’s students a real world opportunity to showcase what they have learned between the classroom walls. Precision Wire Technologies would benefit from adding a motivated employee thirsty to prove his or her worth. Finally, the student would get the always coveted experience that comes from working with an established company.

“Showing students that there are exciting, thriving businesses in Fort Wayne is important not only for the students and ourselves at PWT, but for the growth of business within the city. Offering internships to a student where they can put the theories they learn in the classroom into practice is the best way to inspire and cultivate new leaders and businesspeople” – David Faust

Ryan Fenker, a marketing student at IPFW was the first intern hired through this program. “My experience thus far has been exceptional,” said Ryan, “David, Lisa, Jerome, everybody has been important in providing me with industry knowledge and including me in important initiatives and operations. I really do feel that I am part of the team here at PWT.” As predicted, this internship experiment has gone well for everyone involved, and hopefully will continue to grow and evolve throughout the years.

If you would like to check out the IPFW CO-OP program click HERE!