Alloy Of The Week: Nickel Chrome 650

August 18, 2016

    817FGl5ziXL Nickel Chrome 650

One of the most versatile alloys, Nickel Chrome 650 makes it’s name working within the resistance industry. Anywhere electric heating is found, you will find some sort of nichrome wire, and it is usually this particular alloy. When heated, nichrome develops an outer layer of chromium oxide which allows the wire to withstand high temperatures.

As this alloy excels in the resistance world, you will find this type of wire in everything from fireworks, to electric ignition systems, to open coil heaters.

Below you will find the specific metallurgical properties of this alloy.

ASTM: B344 • Din: 17470/17471 • UNS: N06003 • Ω/cir. mil. .: 650 • Weight/Density: .301 lbs/in^2 (8.2 g/cm3) •

• Chemical Composition %: Cr 19-21%, Mn 2.50% max, Ni – Balance

• Coeff. of Lin. Expansion, X 10-6: 14.0 (200˚C), 15.0 (400˚C), 15.5 (600˚C), 16.0 (800˚C), 17.0 (1,000˚) • Temp. Coeff. of Resistance: .00009

• Conductvity: 14.6 w/mK • Specific Heat: .110 cal./gm @ 20˚C • Specific Gravity: 8.41 • Melting Point: ~1,400˚C (~2,552˚F) •

• Elongation: 20-40% • Max Operating Temp: ~1,230˚C (~2,246˚F) • Yield Point: 45,000-65,000 PSI • Soft Tensile: 95,000-125,000 PSI

As stated above, this alloy is most effective when used within the resistance industry.  A few of the characteristics specific to this alloy are:

  • Extremely Heat-Resistant
  • Avoids Oxidization
  • Easily Formed For Custom Heating Elements

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