Quality Lab

Precision Wire Technologies has been an ISO 9001 compliant company since 2003 and operates our own on-site quality lab to allow full traceability of our product back to the mill source.
With two Instron mechanical testing units, laser micrometers, Starrett Bench micrometers, resistance meters, an RCA bend tester, microscopic analysis and photography, we can ensure your wire will meet your specific requirements.  
We maintain a complete history of all testing data, which is fully available to our customers in either hardcopy or electronic form.
Our lab staff under goes annual quality training and is ISO internal auditor certified. With almost 20 years of wire experience, our technicians are capable of ensuring that the wire you order is processed to your specifications.
Consistent quality and service has gained the trust of our customer base. Our demonstrated performance in these areas has lead several Fortune 500 companies to award PWT with Certified Supplier status - thus positioning us to deliver product directly to stock, by-passing the incoming inspection process.

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