Precision Wire Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of specialty wire in a wide variety of alloy materials, including resistance wire, music wire, lighting wire, and mechanical wire.
Precision Wire Technologies manufactures diameters ranging from .00198" (44 ga.) to .12125” (8.5 ga.) and is able to meet your tight diameter and resistance requirements for both mechanical and electrical applications.
We supply consistently tighter tolerance wire for uniformity in our customer’s mechanical properties from spool to spool and order to order.  In addition, a full range of flexible packaging options are available to fit your specific requirements.
Our stringent quality standards of spooling are designed to ensure consistency for our customer as they pay the wire off the supplied packaging. We also have the capability to supply equal weight spools and characteristics consistent throughout every spool on your order.
When you choose Precision Wire Technologies as a supplier / partner, you’re not just buying a spool of wire – you’re engaging in a partnership to help your business grow.  We monitor the metals market to help you make valuable purchasing decisions while avoiding price fluctuations.  Our one-on-one personal customer service will ensure you get the attention and quality service you deserve. And we specialize in understanding and responding to individual customer needs, whether you need 5 lbs. or 50,000 lbs. 
With 25 plus years experience, we have gained the trust of our customers serving a wide variety of industries, including music wire, lighting wire, resistance wire, and other applications, in addition to in-house wire drawing diamond die finishing capabilities.  Why not give us a call today to discuss how we may partner with you?

To view our available alloys, you can either go to our Music Wire, Lighting Wire, Mechanical Wire, or Resistance Wire Sections, or you can view our consolidated alloy list here.