At Precision Wire Technologies, we understand that every customer’s needs are unique, which is why we supply a full range of options to meet your packaging needs.
We can meet your specific requirements including equal spool weights (both tight minimum and maximum weights), level wound spooling, and specific spool size. Our packaging is designed for high speed and multi-faceted payoff equipment.
Our stringent quality standards of packaging are designed to ensure a consistent product from the beginning to the end of the package.  Corrosion resistant packaging is available on individual spools or boxes, to protect the surface of the wire. Alphanumeric labeling and bar-coding are offered as well.

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PWT Standard Spool Sizes


  • Precision Wire Technologies provides our customers with a full range of flexible packaging options to fit their specific requirements. With spool sizes ranging from 1 to 250 pounds and pail packs, we can deliver your wire in the size that best fits your production process.
  • Our packaging is designed for high-speed and multi-faceted payoff equipment, and our stringent quality standards are designed to ensure consistency of resistance from the beginning to the end of the spool.
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