Music Wire

Having it all is the Precision Way
Your customers want to be sure they can restring their instruments without affecting sound quality.  So, when we draw wire for the music industry, we pay close attention to achieving a consistent, bright & smooth surface - no matter which alloy we draw. 

Not only does Precision Wire Technologies manufacture music string wire - supplying the industry's leading companies with all alloys, sizes, and packaging as required to meet their exacting specifications - we do it while maintaining the industry's strictest size, temper, and packaging tolerances.  These tighter tolerances provide consistency in sound, longevity and construction, as well as higher aesthetic value and better sound quality of the strings.  And, thanks to our advanced production methods, we can exactly reproduce the wire we've drawn for you in the past ensuring the consistency you demand, order after order. 

Precision Wire Technologies doesn't just offer the standard range of materials used in the music industry.  We can work with you to develop new products - and the same holds true for wire sizes.  We manufacture round and flat wire in all of the standard sizes but if you need a custom size we will develop it for you. 

Contact us today at (260) 490-6477 to learn why more companies looking for consistent, high quality music string wire choose Precision Wire Technologies.

Music Wire Alloys:
Click here to view all music wire alloy specifications in a single pdf, or click on an alloy name to view that individual alloy specification in a pdf.
 - Nickel Plated Steel (low carbon steel)NPS8%, NPS20%
 - Pure Nickel200, 201, 205
 - Stainless Steel302, 304, 304L, 316L, 430
 - Nickel Iron Alloy52, 42-6, 4706
 - Brass240
 - Bronze521
 - Monel400