Lighting Wire

Quality Lighting Wire from Precision Wire Technologies
Driving with one headlamp or sitting in dull lighting can be aggravating.  Your customers want to be able to have a long lasting bulb that they can rely on, so let's give it to them.  Precision Wire Technologies is here to help advance the lighting industry.  When we draw wire for the lighting industry, we pay very close attention to consistency, durability, and quality of our product. 
You don't have to sacrifice illumination quality to offer your customers brighter, longer lasting bulbs.  With our precise drawing and annealing process, we will spool your precision quality wire for all wire sizes and bulbs.  So the next time that your customers turn on the light, you'll know you won't be working in the dark. 
We can maintain the strictest size, temper, and packaging tolerances.  Thanks to our advanced production methods, we can exactly reproduce the wire we've drawn for you before. 
Our on-site quality lab allows us full traceability of our product back to the mill source. We pay strict attention to the surface characteristics and cleanliness of the raw material to meet the stringent demands of the glass metal seal. We can match the correct thermal expansion properties to meet the ever-changing glass requirements.  With Precision Wire Technologies, you can count on precision products with dependable quality.  
We provide a variety of packaging options to serve your individual packaging requirements, and flexible stocking programs are available to adapt to your particular shipping needs.
Precision Wire Technologies is an ISO certified company supplying the lighting industry with lighting wire, lead wire, glass metal sealing alloys, and low expansion alloys for over 20 years. 

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Lighting Wire Alloys:
Click here to view all lighting wire alloy specifications in a single pdf, or click on an alloy name to view that individual alloy specification in a pdf.
 - Nickel and Pure Nickel
205, 211, 212
 - Nickel Iron42, 42-6, 52, 4706
 - Monel400